Your Hillcrest Neighborhood Association (HNA) is comprised of volunteers interested in neighborhood safety issues and promoting community for those of us that live in the Hillcrest boundaries (Douglas to the North, Dry Creek on the West, Linda Creek to the South, and I-80 to the East). There are about 750 homes and businesses in the Hillcrest Neighborhood that are automatically members of the Association.

Last February, RCONA hosted an information meeting at Cirby School in an effort to reach out to neighborhoods throughout Roseville to become a part of their coalition. Several individuals added their efforts to the existing Hillcrest Neighborhood Association (see Special Thanks article) to help Hillcrest become a member of Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (RCONA) and take on new tasks.

“At our May 9, 2013 Community Meeting we elected the officers listed on the first page of the newsletter (linked below), ratified new bylaws (linked below), and voted to become an active member of RCONA: www.rcona.org.”

To promote community, our initial goal is to help support independent Neighborhood Watch groups, host social events (such as the Ice Cream Social), facilitate quarterly community meetings (that include presentations from the police and fire departments and other city officials), promote RCONA events, and be a collective voice to the City of Roseville.

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Hillcrest NA Bylaws
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